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Mom... Let's Talk

What does a son do when he hears voices? Withdraw? Or use his sword, Poetry, to defend himself? How does a mother handle family life and death and work through grief?

Mom… Let’s Talk offers insight to the power of healing through writing and the sense of chaos revealed in poetry.

The Ratters Of Lightning Ridge

Australia is unique in that it is the home of 95% of the world’s known black opal reserves, all buried beneath the dry Outback soil in a small area of New South Wales known as Lightning Ridge. Under existing laws an individual can hold only two mining claims that measure 50 meters, or roughly one acre in size. These restrictions do not exist in other parts of Australia . . .

The Birth of the Gift Babies

We are gifts for all of his little children, but most especially for those with extreme challenges. These are the kids who face physical, emotional, mental, and social challenges. He wants us to cheer them on and encourage their families and caregivers …

Diamonds of the Never Never

“Where the Dead Men Lie”:

Out on the wastes of the Never Never –

That’s where the dead men lie!

There were the heat-waves dance forever –

That’s where the dead men lie!

Vocabulary Blaster: Word By Association

There’s no longer a need to deal with tedious explanations, convoluted definitions or contrived sentences just to learn the meaning of a word.

– Vocabulary Blaster introduces words much in the same way we learned our first language: word by association.

When The Pain Remains: The Road Call Life

The doctor had given her six months to live. Mary had to make a decision to move her mother from Upstate New York, the place she loved so dearly to Massachusetts so that her sister could take care of her. The six months had come so quickly and her mother had only hours . . .

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