About US

Haystack Creatives

A business development company that provides business solutions to small to medium businesses. It is a company where professionals (experts) from both technical and functional field group together with an objective of providing appropriate business solutions.


Haystack Creatives never go for less!” – A statement that we encourage our clients to constantly be reminded of every time we serve them. Haystack Creatives does not wish to just supply the client’s needs but instills partnership in every business project.

Furthermore, Haystack Creatives strives to be a trusted advisor to its clients. We provide ongoing support and service after implementation, standing in true partnership with you. Our experience shows that we truly understand the unique needs of businesses such as yours and can apply technology best practices to help improve your business.

Meeting our clients’ needs is our first priority and our operating philosophy. We believe that the reason we are in business is to serve you, not the other way around. Intrinsically, we pride ourselves on open dialogue, transparency and mutual creativity.

Our Mission

Our Vision

It is the Haystack Creatives mission to provide analytical and consultative solutions specifically tailored to address the needs of small to medium businesses.

Haystack Creatives aims to embolden small to medium businesses by guiding them with top-of-mind solutions to continue achieving sustainable growth.

Our Values

Haystack Creatives realized that the most effective strategies are those that involve multi-channel and cross-platform strategies. We recognize that every business and client are unique. It is our intention to grow in business with our clients in service with their own customers or potential buyers as well.

Service and Rapport

We deem that service starts with in. We believe in providing excellent service to gain more clients. Clients and their customers are treated as the heart of the establishment. We instill that clients are the most important aspect of the establishment’s continuous existence in the market.

So as with our partners and suppliers, building an immense relationship with them gives us confidence that we will be served right, and our supply needs will be attended ardently.


Working together brings growth and strength to the business. This is in pursuit of aiming one goal and intends to make business become superior and victorious.


We compel ourselves to constantly promote innovation and continuous improvement to our products without conflicting our clients’ inspiration in operating their business. Our products are designed in detail in accordance to our clients’ perspective.

Respect and Integrity

Every member of the business is regarded as family working ethically to the tasks compelled. We inspire that everyone will respect each other’s dignity and capability that results in teamwork and success to the business. Suggestions and concerns of each employee are recognized to achieve solutions and relevant change.


We humble ourselves on how we manage our business and not by contrasting and judging what others can and cannot do. By using our own methods and continually learning the way of life of our business, we can succeed.


Accountability to every work detail that we do, whether of success or disappointment, is of our utmost concern. We make sure that every standard procedure is attended sincerely so as not to commit any divergence in the life of the business.

What We Do Best

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