Online Catalog


Take a fast, flexible and cost-effective way of reaching your potential book enthusiasts. Building a strong customer relationship is highly needed to develop credibility of your work is a top priority. Haystack Creatives’ Online Catalog Marketing can allow you to create a targeted and personalized message about you and your book/s. The key is to create a valuable and engaging content of your Online Catalog to exude desire and interest in your book/s then boost sales.

The Haystack Creatives Approach:


  • All catalogs are exclusive, so you are not sharing the spotlight with anyone else.
  • All Personalized Online Catalogs will be sent to paid subscribers who requested to receive any book information through email on a specific genre they select.
  • Catalogs will be sent directly to paid subscribers’ inbox and not on spam or trash folders.
  • Haystack Creatives Online Catalogs can contain the following information:
    • About the author
    • Summary or description of the book
    • An easy access link for subscribers to click to where they can purchase the book/s
    • Author’s website
    • Blogs
    • Book videos, podcasts, author videos or reviews
  • Online catalogs are sent via Personalized Send Time Technology
  • Online catalogs are sent via Personalized Send Time Technology
    • Open history is tracked and analyzed for every subscriber. Automatic analysis on historical email open data for every individual subscriber.
    • Each subscriber gets emails based on when they’re most likely to open them.

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