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Digital Marketing

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Haystack Creatives constantly strives to be a leading business firm with a profound strategic platform. Our experience has prompted us to build an environment that promotes synergy and creativity. The key to the company’s success is the maintenance of a close working relationship with the clients through ensuring the best possible solutions to their needs; to establish and maintain a thorough knowledge and understanding of clients’ objective and help them maximize the benefits.

We want to establish ourselves as the best choice in providing our clients the best opportunities of success by offering a full spectrum of services.

Our major driving force includes the quality and support we provide.

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Business Solutions

Tell us about your business presence and how you want to take it further.

Software-Based Solutions

Haystack Creatives can bridge you to an advanced and latest trend of implementations and set it up to your advantage.


Self- Publishing

Every book has a story and every author deserves an equal opportunity to share that story.


We will help you develop your target market with undivided spotlight through our strategic marketing platforms.

Website/eCommerce Development

An online portfolio is your gateway into expanding your business. This will be your first inception into making your mark in the digital world.

Illustration Service

Illustrations can tell stories that words cannot. We are all visual people by nature and are inspired by beautiful things around us.


We will assist you in checking the content structure to ensure consistency and accuracy in grammar, spelling, punctuation and formatting before publishing your book.



We help you with the process of revising your manuscript into an improved readability and polish by checking inconsistencies, grammar, spelling, style and punctuation issues.

Online Catalog

Take a fast, flexible and cost-effective way of reaching your potential book enthusiasts. Building a strong customer relationship is highly needed.

Podcast Hosting

Captivate your potential book buyers with your voice. Let them know about your author journey and the consequential content of your book.

Social Media Boost Setup

Being social is an essential part of your book’s SUCCESS. Exceptional customer service is at the forefront of everything we do.

Book Trailer Media

A book trailer is a helpful marketing tool to promote your book. Adapted from the term movie trailer, a book trailer is a short promotional video distributed across multiple platforms.