Every book has a story and every author deserves an equal opportunity to share that story. Like an art, an author’s writing is a masterpiece.

Publishing can be difficult and expensive. It is just the beginning of your life-long author journey!

Haystack Creatives has a suite of tools and strategies for you to make things easier than ever. We have a dedicated team for you that can assist you in converting your manuscript to a printed book or make your published book even better.

Haystack Creatives will help you:

  • Build beautiful book covers to gather attention and purchases.
  • Format your books’ interior layout
  • Expose your work with consistent marketing campaigns
  • Give FREE consultation on your author journey and platform planning.
  • Provide solutions to your unsuccessful experience with your previous publisher.

Successful authors are not made overnight neither are books are not molded overnight. Haystack Creatives can make Self-Publishing for you easier and more convenient. We are the most reliable source for your Self-Publishing needs.

Call us at +1-813-999-0686 to initiate the Self-Publishing process of your book!

Illustration Service

Illustrations can tell stories that words cannot. We are all visual people by nature and are inspired by beautiful things around us.


We will assist you in checking the content structure to ensure consistency and accuracy in grammar, spelling, punctuation and formatting before publishing your book.


We help you with the process of revising your manuscript into an improved readability and polish by checking inconsistencies, grammar, spelling, style and punctuation issues.